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Not all liver and gallbladder stones float in water it depends if they have become hard and calcified through rising bilirubin and calcium in the blood. Calcified stones are hard and dense and made up of mostly bilirubin and calcium and that is why they sink. Newer fresh stones typically float because they are made up of lipids including fat and cholesterol, as we all know fat and cholesterol float. Calcified stones are more damaging to the liver than newer fresh stones. Typically calcified stones are old and may have been in the liver for quite some time (10+ years). These hard stones rub against the liver causing swelling and inflammation as well they reduce bile flow. Soft stones the cholesterol non-calcified type can also cause irritation, swelling and inflammation and lack of bile but they are more gentle on the liver than calcified stones.
Calcified stones easily show up on ultra sounds while the soft non-calcified stones are hard to detect. If you have has an ultra sound done on your liver or gallbladder and the doc said you didn’t have any stones that only means you do not have the calcified type and chances are that you have hundreds or thousands of stones. It is estimated that by the age of 20-30 the average person in today’s world of fast food, chemicals, drugs, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, preservatives, junk food, pollution, etc have hundreds but more like thousands of stones in the liver and gallbladder. The liver is the largest organ in the body and can harbor a lot more stones than we realize.

So we have answered why some stones from the liver flush float now let’s address the question why they dissolve in open air. The answer is simple they oxidize. Liver and gallstones removed surgically also dissolve in open air. Stones that are calcified take longer to dissolve than fresh stones the non calcified type. For some reason some people think that because the stones produced from a liver flush are not real because they melt in open air. This reasoning has no truth in reality because the stones are not subject to open air in the liver.

by Jordan Blaikie the Liver Flush Man & Dr. Stewart Blaikie
@ Vital Liver Flush & Love Your Liver
Victoria, BC

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