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Do you have junk and need to “Get Rid-of-it”

Your time is important, and it is our job to make rubbish removal easy for you. Our junk removal prices include loading the junk materials into our truck and providing a thorough clean up when we’re done. We also recycle or donate to charities whenever possible. With our suitable meeting times, you can plan your day accordingly. It’s that simple.
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Vancouver Junk removal clean-upOur Vancouver junk removal service provides junk disposal and recycling, trash removal and rubbish removal services to homes and businesses in the Vancouver area. If you have garbage removal, junk removal or waste hauling needs call 1-800-RID-OF-IT. We are motivated to be the best in the rubbish hauling business. Our hardworking teams share a passion for excellent customer service.
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Call 1-800 RID-OF-IT® for Vancouver junk removal, trash removal, used mattress disposal, old TV removal and more in Vancouver and surrounding areas. Find out more about what junk we take or call us for a free estimate! Same Day Service available!

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