1 888 Junk Scam (Van)

Video of my encounter with a sleezy 1-888-Junk-Van employee. The video could have been better. I”m attempting to video in case anything hits my wife’s car so I didn’t get a great shot of him or the load and there’s a point later on where I put my phone back in my pocket and he thinks I’ve turned it off but the audio is clear enough to hear the nuts and bolts of the conversation. At the point the video starts, he’d already loaded the junk and claimed it was almost 4000 lbs at a cost of 00 to take away. I knew there wasn’t even close to a third of that and told him I wasn’t going to be ripped off and would pay 500 (which was already too much in my mind) or he could drop the load. By the end we agreed to 600, then he finished by not giving any receipt and is attempting to send me to collections for the rest. Beware, he says he operates in Calgary as well as the Vancouver area. Apparently this is par for the course with these guys. A google search brings up nothing but negative reviews and similar stories. Be on your guard if you buy one of their group buys!