1 Minute: Manually remove this Astromenda.com, a browser hijacker.

This is a no BS, no downloading, no promoting video. Just plain and simple instructions to get rid of Astromenda!

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You remove any hijackers the same way on all browsers– Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla FireFox, Opera, etc. First look in control panels add/remove programs. Uninstall any junk, any programs with the words Astromenda, clear think, search, protect, searchprotect, saver, conduit, search conduit, save, safe protect, ads, etc. The same hijacker can be named something different on another computer. Sometimes it can be the company itself, usually ????.LLC.

YOu also need to remove any junk from your plugins, extensions, homepage, manage search engines and you also need to reset you browser. Please take note that some of you only need to do one of these steps and others you need to do all of these steps. Some of you may have it in one place and others not.

If you guys follows these steps and its still on your computer then it is most likely under a different name in your add/remove programs. If you cant find it, then try a system restore to a previous date before you incurred your browsers/computer infection. Any questions, comment below so i can assist you.

Subs, likes, comments all appreciated. Thx.

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