10/12/07 – A day to Remember….

Remember how the evil jamtax took our wildy away from us, we like paid for it and we still want it back pl00000000000000000000000000000000000000x!!@!@!@@!


Hello, I am timlahaye432.

Hi noobs, my name is I don’t Scam.

We are here today to mourn in rememberance of the tragic, shitty and murderous updates that the jamtax have comitted on the year of the 2007, 12th month on the day before the day that marked 2 weeks to go before christmas.

Excuse his language, he means the 10th of december 2007. Gagex decided to practically cripple the pures, merchants, stakers, scammers, well basically anyone who did not skill the long way for money. I was not there at the time of the riot but I heard it was practically the worst riot in the history of roonscape of all time, even worse than the swift switch riots.

Let us bow our heads in prayer while wearing something pink to mourn for our loved ones who have moved on to games which actually offer a democratic, free trading, non biased game. All wear pink now please, or the creator of roonscape, guthix, will be mad!

Er yes, anyway if you were not at the riot, to get an insight of what happened on that day, you would have to go look on the forums in the news and announcements section and look in you tube for it too, there is a lot of evidence on both of these sources to suggest that the gagex traitors are making these reasons for this tragic update up, this is why many people ranted.

Yea, I heard that approximately 98% of players quit the game and 1% got banned by the jamtax dictators. They are so fucking greedy its unbelieveable, they want to rake our money in, thats why they got rid of customer support too, so we could not ask them about stuff. Its so fucking unfair because like the wilderness is gone and their newest updates since then arent even like 10% as good as old wildy, all they need to do is bring it back but they are like to scared of admitting that they were wrong, so they make up random shit and conspiracies like this real world item trading versus roonscape shit, that does not even make sense, coz like RS can just make their own gee pee and sell it to the real world items traders and like everyone will be happy because it will not be disrupting the game anymore. As you can see from the posts on this thread from some 2 years ago, called “wilderness and more” lots of people wanted everyone to log out at 8 P M GMT, maybe we should all log out at 10 PM GMT to show the jamtax just how angry we are about an update that was released 2 years ago. Its not fair jamtax, why do you ruin the game for us paying customers. We pay we say we pay we say we pay we say.

They had also ruined free trade and put in these shitty limits that they expect us to use, yet people just got around it using junk, G F gagex. Its actually sad that the gagex is based in the united kingdom which is a western great power in the world, happens to now control prices for our items, and that my friends, is communism and you lot already have seen what communism does, it creates cold wars and mass unemployment and non african 3rd world countries, its disgusting, looks like gagex are betraying their own country. Another example is to see how many british worlds there are, only like 6, poor gagex, very poor.

The jamtax are a bunch of meatloaf shit heads who want our I R L shiny gee pees, but we have the power to change their greedy manipulative ways, please support our rant because we fucking own and we will kill the roonscape illum min nati A K A the Andrew Gower, Mod MMG and the Jamtax, we pay we say we pay we say we pay we say. can everyone who still dislikes the wildy removal please logout at 10PM GMT for 10 whole minutes, plus, remember to wear something pink while rioting, kk thanks bye!