1996 Suburban 6.5 TD Transmission 4L80E Shaft Seal Fix and Oil Spraying

Now here is one that may require the faithful ones who patiently sit through my clips to REALLY sit for a while: Our 1996 GMC Suburban Turbo Diesel getting a very minor but annoying transmission shifter shaft seal leak fixed. It turned out to be a little more complex then thought, but in all honesty I was a little curious to see what was in the oil pan, the pan itself had to be dropped because a seal remover tool was too short to fit the extended shaft doing a simple outside repair. So off came the pan, oil splashing down into the catch pan, still fairly pinkish-red and not spoiled. The inside of the pan was spotless clean. A very good sign. The transmission is a 4L80E type unit, a very heavy duty one based upon the Turbo-400 series but with an overdrive and a lockup torque converter designed in. I have rebuilt a few of these, one in particular can be seen on the channel of Corvairwild, the whole sequence is shown in many clips a couple of years ago. The units are heavy but do the job well. The seal in this clip was fixed, Walter of Mister Transmission in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada refilled it, and away the truck went next door to get resprayed with oil. This truck saw extensive winter driving earlier in its life, it now only gets used in nice weather, it has been the oil coating that has saved the truck. Oil coatings have to be maintained like anything else, this one is no exception. That junk named road salt wanted to eat the truck up I am sure, but it lives on, as long as I own it, it will not face that 4-letter word stuff ever again. The views of the truck underneath show clearly that while a little messy with coatings of oil and grease, ALL of the original underpinnings, including the rocker panels are still there! Thank you to Walter and Nick who worked on the truck doing their respective jobs, answering all questions asked.