Arlington County Virginia Trash Cart Cleaning System

Arlington County Virginia Department of Environmental Services Solid Waste Bureau’s New Eco-Friendly Trash Cart Cleaning Trailer. Hydro-Chem Systems Platinum trailer cleans these filthy cans in roughly 30 seconds. That is up to 20 times faster than our nearest competitor’s systems. Contact us for prices 616-531-6420 Invest in the Best.

Our systems stand alone as the world’s best trash cart – Eco-friendly pressure cleaning systems:
• Our systems clean the filthiest trash cans “first time cleaning” in an average of 30 seconds! Unlike others systems that take an average of 6 to 10 minutes just to clean one cart that has not been cleaned for years. Lightly soiled carts can be cleaned in a little as 7 seconds to 1 minute.
• Ultra-High-Volume 8 GPM to 9 GPM @ 3500 PSI High-Temperature Hot Water Pressure Cleaning Systems. (Best in Class)
• 100% Chemical Free Trash Cart Cleaning.
• (True heat high-efficiency diesel fired burners). (See our system being used in 0 degrees F. weather) Video
• 11 To 12 Stage Filtration System Comes Standard on All of Our Models. (Nobody else comes close)
• Optional Hydro-Clear 3 Stage Wastewater Filtration System with Hydrocarbon, Oil, Fuel, Phosphate, & Odor Control Filters (Must see video). Mobile units can be used for emergency response hydraulic fluid clean up and more.
• Multifunction System: Trash Cart and High-Speed Pressure Cleaning Systems attracts clients like Walmart Stores & Homeowners Etc. Cleans concrete and pavers at up to 200 Sq. Ft Per Minute. (Fastest cleaning speeds on the industry)
• Multiple accessories are available: High-Speed Surface Cleaners 8” up to 60” wide models, Soft Wash Systems, Wet Sandblast & Soda blasting Kits, Extension Wands up to 20’ long, Turbo Nozzles for dumpster cleaning and graffiti removal, Muck Scuppers & more.
• Complete signage packages, business cards, post cards, door hangers etc. are available.
• We include an 180-page marketing and contractor-training guide with each order.
• Free hands-on training at our facility.
• Unlimited technical and marking support for life.
• Fleet washing training is also available at no extra charge.

Hydro-Chem Systems exclusive filtration systems with Hydro-Clear Upgrade:
First stage: Three easy clean 1,000-micron filter baskets mounted inside the main trash hopper for filter our large solids like grass, leaves, diapers, cardboard etc.
Second stage: Large oversized solid separation tank inside the hopper
Third stage: Sediment divider before wastewater suction line.
Fourth stage: 1,000-micron basket filter
Fifth stage on top of the second cone-shaped bottom solid separation tank (with drain valve).
Sixth stage: 50-micron filter high capacity string filter
Seventh: 20-micron high capacity string filter
Eighth Stage: HCS exclusive Hydro-Clear high-performance combo filters, filter out hydrocarbon, TSS, Aluminum, Copper, and Phosphorus reduction. (EPA approved)
Ninth stage: Hyper clear High Flow Cartridge for water polishing chlorine, and odor reduction and sediment reduction.
Tenth stage: Sediment cartridge for full flow 5-micron nominal sediment removal
Eleventh stage: 5-micron large capacity bag filter.
Twelfth stage: 270-gallon recovery tank final solid separation tank with drain.
Thirteenth stage 80 mesh inlet filter going to the pressure washer pump
Fourteenth stage: High-pressure mesh filters to protect cleaning heads
Hydro-Chem Systems Eco-Friendly high-speed trash cart & pressure washing systems open the door to a new emerging business with unlimited potential in an unsaturated market. We are offering tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to get into a unique business venture.

Clean and sanitized 400 filthy 96-gallon trash carts at his compost company in 8 hours. Watch us clean forty (40) 96-gallon trash carts/wheelie bins in 50 minutes at a local waste company video
100% financing is available
Financing for start-ups and existing companies:


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