Beard Wax – How to Apply Beard Wax

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How to Use Beard Wax

1) After you dry your beard, open your tin of beard wax and scrape off a good thumbnail-sized dab of beard wax with your thumb.

2) Rub the wax into the palm of your hand until it melts. This is important! If you do not melt the wax, then you’ll leave clumps of it in your beard that will stick with you all day. Thankfully, beard wax is much easier to melt than mustache wax, so you should have no problem. Once the wax is melted, rub your hands together.

3) Apply it to your beard by swiping your hands in a downwards motion on the front of your beard. Do this over and over again until you get the beard wax all over the front of your beard. If your beard is long and thick, you may need to get another chunk and add it to your beard.

4) Grab a beard comb and gently comb your beard to shape. You’ll notice that your beard will stay in whichever direction you comb it!