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Macro PC cleaners have carved a niche for themselves in the free PC cleaner software market. This is a free PC optimization tool and is user friendly too.
Macro PC Cleaner are global leaders in PC optimization software, with offices in Canada, Edmonton. We’re dedicated to creating the best applications for your PC.Our software is used and trusted by millions, in all 195 countries and in millions of businesses. In fact Macro PC Cleaner alone has been installed more than 1 Billion times onto nearly 25% of all the PCs in the world. We’ve improved and optimized thousands of lines of code. Our developers aim for the fastest, most compact, bug free products you can run on your PC.
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This is completely free PC cleaner software, which comes with an easy-to-install guide and prompts you at each step. Problems like disk clean up, slow pc, computer virus attacks, etc. can all be addressed by this one software. The computer clean up software can be downloaded directly from the website, which also has an image guide with step-by-step procedure.
In case you want to test this computer cleaner, you can avail the free trial version that comes with limited actions but is helpful in addressing your problems. Macro PC cleaners do not claim to be the best PC cleaner but would let their software do all the necessary talking for them.

Features of the Macro PC Cleaner

Features that set this online free software apart from those available online and claim to be the best window cleaner or promise to speed up your pc are as below:
With an option to restore computer, this is the best suited for your laptop or computer
It also has a windows computer optimization plan
It is a fast pc cleaner free download
Auto maintenance is an additional feature
PC tune up helps you keep up your PC
They have a support staff at your service all around the clock
It addresses the computer registry errors
Friendly and easy to download, does not add ugly looking tabs to your computer We know the internet is covered with advertisements about free pc cleaners, which claim to be the best and refer themselves as ‘all in one.’ However, how trustworthy are they? Similar question must have crossed your mind when you read the above article. Let’s clear the air for you. They have a huge base of satisfied customers who have put up their honest reviews about the software on various platforms. Some gave it a pat on the back for being the best, while some others helped them realise that there still is some room left for improvement. They started with a rating of 2 from their customers and now are at a champion 4.
So, they urge you to take the trail version to understand the credibility and then go ahead to Download the free full version of the pc cleaning software.
Knowing your PC

Maintaining your PC is perhaps one of the most vital tasks and is obviously, not entirely an easy task unless you are aware of the functions, processes and applications that are involved. With so many different settings, files and apps to monitor, it is hard to understand just what exactly resulted in your computer running slow. Moreover, there are wide varieties of processes that are even more difficult to implement the necessary technical adjustments to recover speed and performance of your PC. However, it is safe enough to say that most of us are, if not completely, at the very least, pretty aware of what helps to Speed up my PC.

A PC cleaner is an application that helps to clean your PC by removing suspicious files, unnecessary stored information and other material that are not helpful to the health of your computer. Many times, when you visit a website, you unwittingly let in sneak software that hide inside your computer, store your passwords and other account information.Macro PC has a host of functions that will help to not just boost your pc performance but also work as a pc optimizer and tune it up perfectly.
Macro PC scans your entire computer to identify any and all of the issues that are most likely hindering your computer speed, after which it unleashes a range of powerful tools that will ensure optimized speed, improved computer performance. Here’s another brief look at pc cleaning tools offered by us:

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