Bindoctor Green Bin Cleaning Video

Canada has elected to organically compost household waste using the curbside bin program. While the bins are very effective in storing and disposing of the waste, a new problem has risen for the users. With repeated use, the bins get dirty, collect residue, and omit offensive smells and harmful germs.

The BIN DOCTOR has a treatment for you….

We will provide an exemplary cleaning and deodorizing service to alleviate these problems faced by you. This will be done in a fast, economical and environmentally friendly way using our automated cleaning system that recycles the water and and contains left over residue!

Each Visit your bin will receive the following treatment:

1. Bin will be placed inside our specially designed mobile cleaning unit.
2. Using a high pressure washing system, the bin will be washed using our environmentally “Bin Fresh Degreaser”.
3. The bin will be hand wiped until completely clean and dry.
4. Our “Bin Fresh Deodorizer” will be applied to the inside of the bin.
5. Our specially designed “Grate Liner” will be placed inside your bin to absorb moisture and keep your grate clean.