Boss 338 Garbage Rims!

After only 2 years this is what the rims now look like. If you are looking to purchase a set for yourself beware of what could happen to you.

I did my best to take good care of these wheels and I am very surprised to find the condition they are in now. 2 years of ownership and indoor storage and only 5000kms of travel and this is the result… I could see this being a logical outcome if i left them in the bottom of a salt water pool for a couple years but not how i treated them…I have tried to contact the company the wheels are manufactured from but have yet to receive a response. I don’t expect to gain anything from this video I am just looking to make other people aware of what the reality of things may be. Yes i did spend a ton of money on this set of wheels, and with the condition they are now in i don’t really want to see them on my truck again… You should understand all of the hassle i went through to finally get this set of wheels… the waiting… numerous different rims.. only to finally get a set that are acceptable from the factory and then become junk. Im sure some of you would use these wheels regardless and perhaps call me crazy for not wanting to, however you should understand that when these were new they were COMPLETELY flawless…. It is frustrating to have been taken advantage of. Maybe the next set of rims i buy will come from wall-mart or even Canadian tire… willing to bet they would return a faulty rim in a heartbeat..