Bus collides with train in Ottawa, Canada, killing six

Originally published on September 18, 2013

A double-decker bus collided with a passenger train on the outskirts of Ottawa Wednesday morning, killing six people on the bus and injuring 30 others.

The collision sheared off the front part of the bus. Five people were reported dead at the scene and one person died in hospital. Witnesses described seeing bodies laying on the train tracks following the accident.

The collision occurred at 8:48am. Witnesses said the driver did not seem to notice the oncoming train nor the warning signals. The warning lights were flashing and the guard gates were down at the time of the accident.

Of the 30 injured, 11 were reported to be in critical condition. The crash involved a Via Rail train and an OC Transpo double-decker bus, which is capable of holding up to 82 people. The two collided at a crossing near Fallowfield Station.

Officials have not commented on what caused the accident. All of the casualties were from the bus. There were no injuries on the train, which came to a halt about 100 meters from the accident site.

A number of the injured were taken to Ottawa Hospital. A fire spokesperson said he did not believe there were any children involved in the accident.

Two or three of train’s cars came off the rails as a result of the accident. The train track crosses a major road and a transit road for commuter buses. The OC Transpo was travelling along this transit road at the time of the accident.


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