Cash for Junk Car Buyers: the Junk Car Medics – Cash for Junk Car Buyers

So, you need to sell your junk car but you have a few big problems.
Your car is probably broken down with a bad transmission, won’t pass inspection or maybe you bought a new car and simply need to get rid of it.

But who will want to buy that piece of junk?  You tried posting your car for sale in the local classifieds or on Craigslist and had no luck.  No one wants to buy it, but does that really surprise you?  It’s a junk car
But just because no person wants to buy it and claim it as their own, an auto salvage yard will.  And that’s where the Junk Car Medics come in.

You see, not all auto salvage yards are alike.  Some are shady, risky and cheap. They shouldn’t even be used as a last ditch effort. 
But not the Junk Car Medics.  You see we’re on a mission to separate ourselves from the other junk car buyers out there.

When you call the Junk Car Medics you’ll get:

1. A polite, friendly voice on the other end, also referred to as a medic.

2. Competitive Cash Offers for your junk car, and we’ll gladly explain how we come up with the value of your car.

3. Free removal of your junk car. While others will charge you killing your profits, we’ll provide the towing for free.

4. and after your car has been picked up we will follow up with you to make sure you received exceptional service throughout the entire process.

So If you have a junk car for sale and don’t waste your time with the local dealers and classifieds, contact the Junk Car Medics at 888 205 8652 or and we’ll diagnose your Junk Car woes with cash, just like we did for these people.