Cheapest Snowplow ever built (under $10), This Redneck Plow actually works…

New set-up for 2015-2016 Winter Season
Using green minivan (mix chevy dodge ford and junk)
See it here:

White minivan
actual cost is .00
Plow is a little over 6 feet wide and 3 feet high.
Plow is mounted on the Rear of the Van.
Ingredients are as follows,

The “hitch”,
1 slightly used 1996 Dodge Caravan, 1 very old trailer axle, some old rope, some old clothesline, some old chain and a few bolts and washers.

The mounting “Bracket” assembly,
is made primarily from most of an old bench-press, a short 2″x 2″ (inside the framing),
an old t-bar from a sign and one .00 strap (to tie the t-bar to the bench-press).

The plow,
2 old tin roof sheets, some old planks, a 2″x 3″, a couple of 2″x 4″ a bunch old of screws and washers, half a dozen old threaded rods, some tin from the cut sheets, lots of that old clothesline, a smaller t-bar that the one on the mounting bracket, some haywire, a bit old “frost fence” wire.

The Winch,
One old car jack (from the same van), some old rope, a few old pieces of wood (various sizes), an old seat-belt, an old tie-down belt and 1 metal mechanic’s ramp.

It is not perfect, but it is much better than shoveling,

the Winch can be controlled from the driver’s seat, using a battery operated drill.

see the whole series here:

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This was my very first rear-mounted snowplow on a minivan, and I have learnt many things from it.
One of the things I had a problem with, was the plow being attached under the van, this makes it hard/impossible to mound snow high…

Fixed that problem with this Year’s plow system.

I have a Dodge Caravan 1998, that has some issues but still runs, and a vivid imagination.
I also have a pile of stuff in and around the barn and know how to use basic tools.
This Year I decided to use an old oil barrel as a snowplow.
So I cut it into thirds and connected two of the sections end to end, and then added structure, supports and found a way to connect it all to my minivan.
As I was finishing up my build, I came across an ad for a 3000 lbs. winch on sale for under … I ran to the store and picked one up, which I later mounted to one of the seat bases inside the van.
I have now been able to clear the yard after three different storms, and this is the latest video from a series I have put together.

here is the link to the playlist.…
By sharing this, I hope to show people that we often hold the solutions to our problems, but just need to look at things from a different viewpoint. In my case it was an oil drum that I saw as a snowplow, and a bunch of junk that I saw as frame work… I do not have a welder and that is why you will see a lot of ropes, belts, and nuts and bolts…
So go out there and re-engineer something that is no longer useful for the purpose it was designed for, get creative and you may just find some answers to some of your issues…

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