Couch Removal and Disposal in Highland Park Texas only $65

We removed this couch from a home in highland park for only .00

What we do?
Junkguys sends a two man crew to haul away and remove any junk ,
trash , clutter , debris , garbage to your home or business.

How we charge?
We charge depending on how much your junk fills of our trailer .
Trailer Size : 14 foot long , 8 foot wide , 8 foot high
Pricing : 1/3 0 , 1/2 0 , Full 0
A full trailer can hold hold 9 truck beds fully loaded.
A half trailer can hold 5 truck beds fully loaded.
A third trailer can hold 2 truck beds fully loaded
Cash Or Check (personal or business)

How to make an appointment ?
Call 214-777-3095 or 817-707-2886
Book Online
Same Day or Next Day Service (24hrs) send a pic of junk for an estimate

Single Item Pricing
Washer, Dryer
Stove , Freezer , Fridge , Projection Tv
Hot Tub 0
Piano 0
Couch Big Couch
Love Seat
Dresser .

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