Criminal Record Crossing the US & Canada Border: Advice

If you have a criminal record and want to cross the US and/or Canadian border boy do I have some advice for you: think globally and go abroad to Europe! Or Africa. yes, we do not want you in North America. But I doubt that the Europeans want you either but they have liberal immigration at their borders so until they fix that please just go away!!

Run to any rock that you can hide under. But in any case, please just go away and be the problem of someone else.

This is a serious problem that I am getting tired of people messaging me with: people who want to sneak into Canada or the USA. Please, do us all a favor and take your sorry criminal ass problems to Africa, Europe or Asia. Thank you.

I will no longer be answering “border questions” sent to my private YouTube account. It always smells of criminal activity anyways when you ask me hypothetical smuggling questions….

People who are Googling this will find this video and hopefully it either wastes their time or gives them good advice to just move on…

Keep your wheels on the ground and stay legal people….