Disston Handsaw Restoration – Rust Removal

Disston handsaw restoration.

I went to a charity auction in late March of 2014 and I paid for a plastic tub of various tools (I used the tub in this project) and it had about half a dozen saws in it. I sold a coping saw (doh!) and a tenon saw at the same auction.

I bought all this just for one poly tank fitting, but I’m also very pleased that there were two Disston handsaws in it.

In this series of videos, I’m having a crack at restoring the better of the two handsaws. I used a vinegar bath to remove the rust and, because this was the first time I’d tried vinegar, I was totally surprised by just how well it worked.

In the next video, I’ll clean the handle up with some sandpaper and dress it with my beeswax timber dressing.

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Music: Born Barnstormers by Brian Boyko. The full track is available at freepd.com. This music is in the public domain and is free to use.