Dr Robert Cassar, High pH ” Activated Charcoal Detox” Liquid of Vitality HD 2014

Aloha All,
This is one of my favorite drinks to share to people that are wanting to absorb a lot of various toxins from radiation to parasitic acidic waste that accumulates in the small intestines and colon on everyone that lives on this planet.
In this recipe we are going to use a high pH pure coconut charcoal is great for absorbing a variety of toxins in the gut.

Are you killing the good beneficial bacteria from your diet ? This is good question to ask yourself. Most people have more bad bacteria called anaerobic (not air breathing) in their gut wall flora than the good ones that are called aerobic bacteria (air-breathing)
Taking antibiotics are sometimes necessary in the medical world but they are very disastrous on the good bacteria too. Its always a great idea to re populate the good bacteria consistently throughout the year.

We have two different recipes to choose from in the video. One is the acidic solution with the concentrated Fulvic plant minerals which helps dissolve accumulated garbage in the small intestine and the other drink is the alkaline detox drink using sodium bicarb which primary directive is to neutralize and absorb toxicity.

Please try not and eat the processed dead junk foods/meats full of pesticides/ insecticides to re-accumulated toxicity and or acidic fecal waste from parasites. if you are still eating flesh then make sure it is organic and grass fed .. Not GMO corn food.

If you have not cleaned your intestinal tract lately for toxins and other culprits of disease and death to our delicate balance of beneficial gut wall flora .. then its probably your time to clean up after yourself. Its always smart to take a 30-40 different strain pro-biotic of 100 billion strength too.

Look up Dr Robert Cassar Pro-biotic vinegar and fermented veggies series for growing your own pro-biotic’s cheaply and easily.

β€œAll diseases begin in the gut.” -. Hippocrates.

You are what you ”eat, drink, say, hear and do” so be conscious of that.

En-joy :)) Dr r

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