Dr Robert Cassar, Roundworms and Human Parasites lecture symbolism in HD 2014

Aloha All,
In this Earther Academy exclusive video series (one part of a series on parasites found exclusively for Earther Academy members) we are going to show you the healthy earthworms in our soil in Hawaii and the symbolism of parasites that are very similar in our small intestines if we have what they eat.

The normal earthworms in the ground are organic decomposer’s of waste and they breakdown the soil by eating dead matter and then pooping the dead decomposed matter then into the soil. We call this feces from the worms earthworm castings in the soil. We have the same or similar worms and a variety of other species in our small intestines these worms do NOT live in the large intestines or the Colon.

Learning the principles of Terrain modification is the ”ANTIDOTE” to slimming the population of worms or parasitic creatures down to a manageable population.

These intestinal worms once inside us and are being fed a constant fuel supply of cooked or dead foods can grow up to 12 inches in length and as thick as a pencil ( similar to a night crawler you use for fishing) and if your belly feels extended you can have up to 2-3 large hand fulls of these eyeless cold blooded creatures. Remember they use us as a house to live. These are small snakes or intestinal serpents.
They are the ultimate house cleaners of the intestinal tract of the garbage foods that you eat. If you do not eat any garbage (including but not limited too processed foods, flesh, junk foods, fast foods, sugar foods) in your small intestine they do not have the ability to feed on raw food or live food.
So in reality these multiple types of intestinal worm species are doing us a favor by breaking down the processed cooked foods because we cant. They thrive and replicate on cooked dead foods. Once again they do not eat live or raw foods. worms live in the soil of the ground and the soil/ in our intestines.
If these worms ate ”LIVE” live food like your vegetable garden plants then would not be a good thing to have in your garden soil.
In the body when we have these creatures in full force is it usually because those peple are on the Standard American Diet (SAD) and when you change your diet you change the parasitic colony size of critters that live in the body have less food supply.

The round worms are dead processed cooked garbage food eaters they are NOT blood suckers like Tapeworms of the Pig, Beef or Fish varieties. By the way most Tapeworms grow about 1 foot per year. The commonality of the all of the parasites is that they all poop in the body and cause us to get very toxic and unclear of the mind.

You are what you ”eat, drink, say, hear and do” so be conscious of that.

En-joy :)) Dr r

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En-joy :)) Dr r

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