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TAKE a DUMPer was founded in Louisville Kentucky in the summer of 2006, starting with four, 12 yard DUMPers. Only one year later the company now consist of twenty seven DUMPers, in both 12 and 30 yard sizes. TAKE a DUMPer is growing rapidly and plans on continuing that growth nationwide.

TAKE A DUMPer is a new innovative approach to get rid of your unwanted trash and debris. You can choose between a 12 yard or 30 yard container and we will drive it wherever you need us to! Literally!!! We will back our dumper right up to your garage, front door or job site to make loading your trash as easy and convenient as possible.

Our dumpers dont even weigh as much as an SUV. Thats right! This means they are driveway safe. Unlike those roll-off containers loaded on heavy trucks,TAKE A DUMPer will not be an eyesore left on the road in front of your home.

Were not spending an arm and a leg on large trucks, the mass amount of fuel they burn, and the commercially licensed drivers some companies require. This enables TAKE A DUMPer to provide you with much cheaper services compared to those roll off container companies. Dont forget, we can bring our trailers right up to your door.