Finland toddler smoking video: Puffing two-year old gets parents worldwide fuming

A disturbing video clip showing a toddler puffing away on a cigarette has emerged online.

The girl, who is estimated to be aged around two or three, is seen putting the cigarette in her mouth and taking down the smoke before exhaling it again.

The clip, which was uploaded to popular video site Live Leak last week, is said to have come out of Finland.

While the girl is smoking a man can be heard in the background seemingly encouraging her.

Angry commenters wrote: “Must originate from her slack parents or siblings. Persons under 18 are not allowed to either sell or purchase tobacco in Finland.”

Others Internet users have suggested that the toddler is smoking an e-cigarette.

But hey, it’s the not the first time a two-year old has been seen smoking cigarettes.

Who remembers Ardi Rizal? A chubby two-year-old from Indonesia who became a tourist attraction after videos emerged showing him chain-smoking.

The now five-year-old was smoking up to 40-cigarettes a day at one point, but has apparently quit and is now said to be addicted to junk food instead.


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