Four Stages of Islamic Conquest SD – Copy

EDIT: IMPORTANT May 16, 2017 – “Do NOT use links” TRUDEAU CHANGED THE URL IN THE GOV. LINKS, THESE ARE THE NEW ONES ” ” Make Referendums legal NO Sharia Law STOP this from happening, “eliminating Friday sessions of the House of Commons

At Parliament: Million Canadian March – or your legislature
On June 3rd – 11am till Sunday June 4th 4pm.
Topics: M-103 & calling for the Governor General to remove Trudeau is what’s needed, then the pot issue is last.
“Piss or get off the pot” Canadians.

Search: A Wise Honest Arab Muslim Man Tells Muslims The Truth About Themselves – A Must See // & Halal Horror // Al Taqiyya – Muslims Lie to Defend Their Religion // Islam Brainwashing // Islam’s Greatest Hoax // Anti-Sharia Muslims Assaulted by Muslims in Canada

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Canada’s anti-Islamophobia study to start next month

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WATCH: Sharia In The UK – Anne Marie Waters 2017-03-29

Tarek Fatah – Fake News that’ll make you cringe!

M-103 Blasphemy Law Beethoven Style

Kevin J. Johnston

Michelle Rempel

Part 5 The Role of the OIC in Enforcing Islamic Law

Be very worried Canadians. NO to Bill 89! Parents tell Wynne: Leave Our Kids Alone

Breaking: Canadian Government Wants To Collect Mandatory DNA Samples! This Is Outrageous!

The Canadian Economy Is Doomed! – Experts Say Canada Is On The Verge of A Major Financial Crisis

Magna Carta 1215 Article 61

Parliament Ottawa Oppression Freedom The end is near
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