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Retire Your Ride

Central Auto and Truxx Parts is a participating recycler with Retire Your Ride, Canada’s national vehicle recycling program funded by the Government of Canada, and has enjoyed serving customers in the same location since 1967. Situated in North Bay, Ontario, the land is made up of 35 acres of used auto parts and used truck parts, with an auto parts building approximately 50 000 square feet in size full of new and used auto parts. It is Central Auto Parts’ belief that it is better to be physically able to handle all the needs a customer could want in one building.

As a Retire Your Ride participating auto recycler, Central Auto and Truxx Parts adheres to the national Code of Practice for automobile recyclers, and engages in a three-pronged approach to responsibly retire vehicles which include: pre-treatment – the drainage of fluids; parts re-use – the dismantling of parts and components and the recycling of materials whereby vehicles are crushed and prepared for a metal processing facility. Central Auto and Truxx Parts had been responsibly recycling vehicles in conjunction with Summerhill Impact, (formerly Clean Air Foundation) for eight years.

With ongoing concerns about the environment, Central Auto and Truxx is committed to responsible practices outlined in the Code of Practice to ensure that hazardous materials are prevented from entering the environment. All hazardous materials are removed and properly recycled or disposed of, including fluids, batteries, and mercury switches used for trunk and hood lighting. Reusable parts (not related to the engine) are removed, stored in a controlled environment and resold back into the market to collision and mechanical repair shops, in an attempt to keep insurance premiums down and ultimately reduce the need to manufacture new parts. ONce the vehicle is crushed, the various metals are separated and recycled into future consumer products.

Central Auto and Truxx Parts’ commitment to responsible recycling ensures that the public has access to a simple way to contribute to a greener future. Decreasing the number of high polluting vehicles on the road is paramount to Central Auto and Truxx Parts and educating the public on the Retire Your Ride program has enabled them to impact the environment in a positive way.