homemade shop press removing front wheel bearings

Added some feet to it, you can see here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WW5lf4z7wus
Homemade Hydraulic 20 Ton shop press pressing out front wheel drive wheel bearing from 1996 Honda / Acura Integra front knuckle / spindle. The Hydraulic bottle jack is a 20 Ton Mastercraft from Canadian Tire. You can buy a real nice 20 ton shop press from Harbor Freight Tools for 9. I don’t know if that is with the bottle jack but if it is the price is amazing because this jack alone costs around Canadian. If you can afford to go with a 20 ton bottle jack do it because it makes such a big difference vs the 12 ton especially if you deal with a lot of rusted parts with corrosion.

The material in the press is 2″ square mild steel tubing welded in all the corners.

Front Wheel Bearing Adapters