Homemade Waste Oil Burner Heater for Daily Use DIY

Watch how easy it is to start & run. Full description & dimensions video. Extremely efficient, low maintenance, semi automatic and easy to clean. It took many years of R&D. A used smog pump from a junk yard is 5-10 bucks. (most 1980s car / truck.) IF you would like the same one I have the P/N is 32-212 for a rebuilt at Auto zone. FYI – Might still need a pulley! Using a smog pump PULSES the air @ low pressure atomizes the oil keeping all the heat in the heater NOT out the chimney. (I had tried air compressor & blowers.) FYI – This burner setup can be used in most any wood burning stove. The more air tight the stove is the more efficient it will be. I DID use this setup for many years before the electrics and with the air compressor. It works great like that too. You just should be around to tweak it as required. The best thing about this design is being able to control the room temp, not having to shut it off & re-light it! It don’t sound like much but it was a challenge to be able to idle it without a flame out condition. After your room is up to temp it uses very little oil. Thank You for watching – Jeff.