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Are you wondering how to properly clean your toilet and want to do it as quickly as possible? This is the video you’ve been waiting for. Visit for the full post.

Cleaning expert, Melissa Maker, walks you through the products and tools you’ll need as well as the simple steps to cleaning a toilet quickly and effectively.

Tools you’ll need:

1) Rubber Gloves – Use separate ones for the bathroom (these ones are while, choose another colour for the kitchen).

2) Cleaning toothbrush – use an old one or a brand new one, the most important thing is that it is only used in the bathroom!

3) All-purpose cleaner – here we’re using a homemade solution of 1 tablespoon dish liquid to 6 oz water, but feel free to use any one that you like.

4) Toilet bowl cleaner – this is specifically designed to clean the toilet bowl and will break down dirt, bacteria and limescale.

5) Paper towel – it’s easier to use a few sheets of paper towel or pre-moistened cleaning wipes and not worry about mucking up cloths. Some people can’t stand the idea of using a cloth even after it has been washed if it was used to clean a toilet. Remember to throw the paper towel in the garbage and NOT down the toilet (unless you have a crush on your plumber and want him to come over). Just make sure you check for left over lint and hair (paper towel can leave this behind).

6) Toilet bowl brush – the one we are using here has an extra brush to scrub strategically under the rim (it’s a Vileda brush in case you are curious).

OK take off your tiaras and let’s get started:

1) Spray your toilet with the all-purpose cleaner from top to bottom covering everything from the tank, flusher, hinges, both sides of the lid and seat, rim, exterior bowl and base. Just douse it with product, don’t be shy. Let it sit for a minute to start to break down the dirt.

2) Add the toilet bowl cleaner into the bowl. You’ll notice that toilet bowl cleaners have an angled spout – this is designed specifically to make the application of the product under the rim easier for you. Gently glide the nozzle around the inner rim of the bowl and squirt out the product in a steady, even flow.

3) Begin wiping the toilet bowl clean, literally re-tracing your steps from step 1. Start wiping the tank cover, flusher, tank, change paper towel. Get into the hinges (more on this later), wipe the lid top, flip it up and wipe the lid bottom, change paper towel. Wipe the seat top, flip it up and wipe the seat bottom, change paper towel. Wipe the top of the rim and then get the exterior bowl, sides and base. Get into those little crevices! You can always clean the floor and area behind the toilet with a mop as opposed to doing it by hand, either way, it needs to be done.

4) Take your cleaning toothbrush and spray it with a little bit of all-purpose cleaner. Use it to get into those hinges and brush out any build up (if you haven’t cleaned your hinges in a while, you’ll understand the value of this tip).

5) With your toilet bowl brush in hand, start to scrub under the rim (don’t do it too vigorously or else you’ll get backsplash) and work your way entirely around it (lots of build up lives here). Then, spiral the brush around the inside of the bowl, starting at the top and swirling it around until it gets to the waterline. Continue swirling until you get to the chute and pump the brush in and out of the chute a few times to clean it as well.

6) DONE!! Hold the brush in the toilet and flush. Let the water clean the brush off so you don’t have to. To allow the brush to drip-dry, hold it on the rim and put the seat down. Let the brush sit for a few minutes and then replace it dry into the brush container (if it is wet and it goes back in, you get nasty build up).

OK people, it wasn’t that bad! Cleaning your porcelain throne is easy and really important to do. Don’t be afraid of work like this, it keeps you humble.

Want to know how to clean your bathroom cleaning tools? Any of your bathroom cleaning tools can always be cleaned by soaking them in a solution of 50/50 water and oxygen bleach for 10 minutes, rinsing and laying flat to dry.

A VERY SPECIAL thanks to our friends Oksana and Vito for lending us their stunning home for this video shoot – we couldn’t have done it without their generosity!

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