How to Clean Your Room – The Best Room Cleaning Tutorial! Bedroom Cleaning Ideas (Clean My Space)


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In this video, I show you my amazing, tried and true room cleaning method. I promise this will make cleaning your room a breeze.

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Melissa’s 3 Room Cleaning Rules

I have 3 rules about cleaning: trust me, these rules will save you time so listen up.

Rule 1 — Get in the right headspace

Um yeah, you need to be in the right headspace. I don’t know what you need to do to get there (maybe watch one of our videos ), but if I am not in the mood for cleaning, I literally waste time doing everything else but clean. Just commit like 20-30 minutes to give your room the attention it needs. Pick your music ahead of time, get a drink, go to the bathroom, and then get cleaning.

Rule 2: Use the right tools and products, and have them all with you

Don’t waste your time using inadequate tools and products, get the good stuff that isn’t going to waste your time because of quality issues. Select items that you need; nothing more and nothing less, just enough to be efficient. My recommended product and tool list is below. Then, gather the items up and take them to the room, don’t leave one item out. If you have it all with you, you won’t need to leave your room and that will keep you focused.

Rule 3: Have a Method

Have a plan, and that’s why I am going to share my list with you, so that you know what to do and the order to do it in. Also, work clockwise and stay on course, that way you won’t need to remember what you have and have not cleaned. You save so much time by not backtracking.

Tools and Products

Microfiber cloths for dusting, cleaning and polishing.
Glass cleaning cloth, for mirrors and windows (if you feel like cleaning your windows)
Vacuum (mop if you have hardwood floors)
All purpose cleaner
Glass cleaner
Disinfectant (points of contact) — if you wish
Garbage bag, bag for recyclables, replacement garbage bag
Mop pole, hair elastic
Fresh linens, or at least strip your bed, was the sheets and have fresh ones ready to go (in the video, I don’t change my linens because I did so 3 days prior to shooting).
Now, you might have items and/or finishes in your room that I don’t have in mine, so if you have something that requires special attention, get the right product for it. Otherwise, this list will suffice.


The method we’re going to use for this I will refer to as ‘3 Waves’. Essentially, you’re going to do 3 circles (waves sounds sexier and less kindergarden-y) around your room to cover off all the areas. The three waves are: tidying, cleaning, and floors. That way, you tidy and deal with garbage and laundry first, clean second, and vacuum (or mop) last. You can’t go wrong. You’ll always work clockwise and I pick the door as my ’12 O’Clock’ so that I always have a consistent start and finish point.

Check the blog for the rest of the details!

How to Clean Your Room! (Easy Cleaning Routine)

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So, that’s how I clean a room! What do you think? I hope this has triggered something within you and now you’re motivated to clean. What are your bedroom cleaning secrets, tell me!