HOW TO SEARCH JOB IN INTERNET – MOBILE – 9821 864 574. Pls don’t give money to any job site

when you don’t have a job , your 1st job is to search job for 12 hrs every day ,
work like how you go to office wake up at 6 am work till 7 pm in the night only search job in the right and courageous way for this you need internet , or sit with friends laptop or computer

you know only 20-30 % jobs are available in the internet

upload your cv resume in minimum 20 job sites , with proper size of file as demanded by each job site , maintain a id password for all sites

every 3 days keep changing the cv very minute may be dot then remove make sure you upload your cv or refresh your cv resume every 3 days to make sure your employer will see your cv as fresh cv many or them just upload and forget
what every company you apply available in job website , copy paste that company and search in google you will find the company name again you upload your cv in their site of career with us option , den find the the hr mail id send your resume to hr mail id special then call the hr number ask for the status of vacancy

by this your cv will not miss in the junk , also easy for hr to see your resume. 1.44

100 job sites in india

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100 job sites in india

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