How to Start a Junk Removal Business

So your ready to take that first step into owning your own business and somehow you decided on Junk Removal..Well here are some things to consider prior to getting started..

Do you have a business plan?

The Junk Removal industry has become extremely competitive. Franchises are popping up in every city as well as the kid in college advertising on craigslist and picking up junk out of his pick up truck. You have to be smart if you want to be successful. If your unfamiliar with the what a business plan is and how to go about having one, take a few minutes and do a quick “Google” search..

Legal Structure and Insurance.

Make sure you spend sometime and do your research and get set up correctly. Things happen and you don’t want to be uncovered or not set up properly. Imagine scratching your customers floor by accident or dripping oil out of an old lawn mower across someones freshly paved driveway..No good, get covered and licensed.


Organic or paid. Lots to consider here, are you going to pay for google advertising or are you planning on going door to door with flyers? Have a marketing plan..One thing that has worked really well for us is “The Chamber of Commerce”..Build relationships, and take care of your customers.

Getting rid of the items you pick up on your Junk Removal jobs.

Find out where your landfills are. Make sure you know what can and cannot be dumped. Find out where you can take scrap metal, electronics and make sure you build a relationship with your local donation center. This can make or break your business.

Equipment and costs to run your Junk Removal Business.

Yup your gonna need a truck, and equipment. We like to have a basic set of tools, shovel, wheel barrel, rake, sledgehammer and drill. Are you going to have uniforms? these are just some of the things to get in order prior to starting your junk removal service. If you have questions, feel free to reach out.

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