How To Start a Truck For Hire Business for Beginners (Part 1/2)

In this video I list off my known credentials to start a Truck & Trailer For Hire Business/Company legally. With everything from having the proper insurance and registration to using the proper DOT approved tie down straps and weight restrictions.
Also again if this is still unclear to anyone the registered GVW or GCVW being Gross Vehicle Weight or Gross Combined Vehicle Weight respectively is the weight of the truck plus the weight of the trailer plus the weight of the load you are transporting/hauling.
The TARE weight is the equivalent to the Curb weight of the truck. It is the weight of the truck including aftermarket accessories such as racks, bumpers, tires etc, the weight of the driver and a full tank of fuel.
If you know your registered GVW/GCVW than simply subtract your TARE weight from that number and than subtract the weight of your empty trailer from that number and this will give you the maximum weight of a load/freight you can transport commercially & legally. So when picking a weight at your local registration office, I recommend picking a weight that you know your truck can safely tow, as well as a weight high enough to make you good business which results in the highest profit.
Also as a side note, Alberta, Canada’s magic DOT weight limit of exactly 11,794 KGs = 26,001 lbs. after this registered weight is breached than your vehicle is target for annual inspection, wider log books, pre trip inspection, extra safety gear, a certificate of operating authority, drug/alcohol checks, annual doctor physicals, eye and hearing checkups etc. So pick your weight limit wisely and strategically when registering your GVW/GCVW.

Hopefully this video was helpful. Please follow this video up with part 2 for further in depth details as to what I carry in my rig when on the road.