How To Vinyl Wrap a Car with CHEAP $5 per meter China Vinyl, can it be done?

UPDATE: So I had this car for about 6 months after the first panel was wrapped and got through wrapping half the car successfully, and then it went to the wreckers since it needed some work done which costed more than the car lol. But! As for the vinyl, it has held up really really well! No change in the 6 months since wrapping. I’m not sure if the vinyl would have damaged the paint over time underneath. But I will test this on my new car, a 2005 Toyota wish…. Anyway!! So I noticed there was a tiny amount of shrinkage which you will see within 1 or 2 days (after this there is no long term changes) so it’s important you make slices when it comes to deeper indents so you don’t get it lifting away and also do not slack on post heating!. Use as little heat as possible while wrapping, then post heat thoroughly afterward. All in all very happy with the outcome and can definitely recommend. Here is the link to the actual vinyl I bought!

Hey guys, I wanted to see if it was possible to wrap a car at 1/10th the price of professional car vinyl (normally NZ00, US00 at least) for just NZ0 or US, and it be successful. I have heard many times from people to stay away from the China stuff, that its very hard to work with, it wrinkles and bubbles and has glue that wrecks your car paint underneath (this part I haven’t tested yet but I will soon when I remove the boot vinyl, stay tuned for the next vid). I couldn’t find any videos on here that specifically demonstrated what it was like to wrap using super cheap vinyl as opposed to 3m, Alron etc so I did one myself. I wrapped this door with Chinese brand ‘carstyle’ vinyl i got off a nz trading site on a hot summers day (about 27 degrees celcius, or 80 degrees fahrenheit), but in the shade (as you will see at the start, it’s not a good idea to wrap in the direct sun!). It was actually surprisingly easy to get a good result! I had all of about 3 little bubbles in the whole door, which were easily popped and dispersed, and I only used the heat gun twice on two little wrinkles forming which I realize now was due to a little dent I missed before wrapping. It was smooth to apply, didn’t wrinkle apart from over the dent (ya I should have filled this beforehand lol), and produced very few bubbles. All in all, if you have a cheap car with faded/cracked paint work you want to freshen up, go for the cheap China vinyl (specifically ‘carstyle’)…..but do so at your own risk of course 😉 I will be wrapping the rest of my car in this 🙂 will upload another video of what it’s like to take this stuff off after a month of having it on.