Husqvarna DRT900 Watch before you buy !!!! Garden Tiller JUNK

Made my first complaint to the BBB today. I bought a new Husqvarna garden tiller. The handle broke first day. In shop for 3 days only to be told its on back order. Had them weld it on. They welded it crooked. Started using it again, the belt was sticking behind the cover. Took it back to the shop. They said they put a shim in. They lied. They bent it and it misaligned with the other belts. I didn’t know this until it shredded the belt. I asked for a refund, I’m done with this tiller. They said no. I called Husqvarna, they said no refund, want me to take it to another dealer 50 miles away. DO NOT BUY DRT900E garden tiller, Total Junk.