Is the Remington 770 junk??

This is a quick look at me shooting my rem770 at 280yds. This rifle is chambered for the .270win. I tend to like the .270 round for hunting more than others. Out to about 500yds I believe the .270 is very accurate. This rifle has a bad rep online for being a horrible shooter. I think it serves its purpose well. It may not be as good as the Savage Axis but at the price of about 5, this rifle will put meat on your table for years. I have taken many deer with this rifle since I have had it. Not one has ran off but instead dropped in their tracks. Dont hate on a certain firearm until you have shot one. For example I hated Glocks up until I got one in my hands and now Im a believer in the Glock line of handguns. I appreciate you watching and would really appreciate a “Like” and a “Sub”