July 20 Supervolcano Yellowstone Urgent warning! Nearly 1,000 earthquakes in half a mont Copy

Many activists and intellectuals demand to know the truth about how this 2008/ 9/ 10 Meltdown occurred, what can be done to fix it. Who exactly caused it. (Click above URL) They crave to know which Pol needs voting out of the system. Who we might elect instead.. They share files with one another on THE REAL SKIVVY. Why should smart people care for or ask for disclosure? WHY is not the point. They will justify junk but in fancy terms.
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Do you need ‘official’ acknowledgement of your quandary? The factory exported to cheaper parts of the hemisphere, your children hungry on a diet of rice, the utilities turned off, taxman coming for the house, although just a utility bill can get your house taken away, these days. The Jobless benefits expired too soon? The Food stamp mire where seniors can’t get help at all? You need a politician to review it? Dream on!

That’s a man with fame cravings, a rodent after bribes and money, not there to serve you at all. Please….not to put too fine a point on it, politicians, in the Piscean age, are liars. Colluders that to stay in the ‘gang’ must sell out their souls for campaign donations and party affiliations, a hierarchy of slaves to some invisible master with only the top guy connected to the planetary overlords. Take orders, like good Nazis did.. That is their job. breaking news, latest from trump, north korea vs US feud, north korea missile test, united states war north korea, trump and kim jun huh, updates, news, alert, politics, north korea sea, america sea, borders, mexico america borders, trends, today, president trump, vladmir putin, russia.

They are very petty, manipulative, as well as the manipulated minions of a vastly more powerful class of beings that does not give a rat’s ass about humans at any level. Know why? Humans, as a species, are not alone.

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