Junk Removal in Sarnia, Ontario 519 328 3207

James Property Solutions is the best new junk removal service in Sarnia ON. 519 328 3207 http://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?requestSource=b&adId=1197505142&siteLocale=en_CA They specialize in Residential junk removal as well as commercial junk removal.

James Property Solutions offers the following services ; Janitorial services, flood restoration, Lawn Care, and Junk removal. We haul junk from both commercial & residential properties.
We will work along side construction companies & stores, as well as with home owners and renters. Property managers will be happy to work with us too. Let us know what Junk you wish to have removed and we will get it done in a fast time frame. Just give us a call and we will come and get rid of your junk. Junk removal is what we do and you can depend on us. Just give us a call and let us know what it is you want removed. We do cleaning as well so if you have a bad tenant and need to get the apartment ready for a new tenant, we do that too.
We offer move outs, top to bottom clean up and removal of any junk that you wish to have removed. Our team will do everything from lifting and loading, to cleaning and removing all items you need taken away. James Property Solutions offers the following services ; Janitorial services, Lawn Care, and even flood restoration.
We wish to be more than just a junk removal Sarnia service – we want to be a caring company, too.
Our Sarnia junk removal team will handle almost anything, from old furniture and appliances to garden waste, mattress disposal, and renovation scraps. We also do garbage pick up if you don’t want to wait for City garbage collectors. Plus, we do all the loading and cleanup, whether the items are in your home or in your business. Unlike your household garbage removal, you don’t even need to get it to the curb! We do that for you!

Give us a call and let us get rid of your unwanted debris.