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Junk Removal Stillwater OK
Junk Removal Stillwater OK
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When you decide that its time to hire a junk removal, salvage or clean up service in Stillwater, OK its important to do some research on the company you are considering calling. We highly suggest using a local junk removal service. They will have established relationships with the dumping facility as well as the local recycling center for items that can or should be recycled. Additionally, by choosing a locally operated company you can ensure they know the town inside and out. Plus you are helping support a local business owner instead of giving a corporation or a company based out of Tulsa or OKC your money.
A quality junk and salvage operation should be able to handle an individual item such as a bed mattress or freezer ranging all the way up to cleaning out an entire property. The company should also be able to handle estate sales and final haul offs after the completion of a garage sale.
Here are some helpful tips to help you choose a great junk removal company.

1. Speedy clearing.
A good junk removal company should be equipped to handle your job in a timely manner. Most property owners have some level of urgency involved in their situation. The sign of a good junk company is being able to show up on site within 3-4 business days after your initial contact with them.
2. All of it goes away
Rather than asking for a list of what types of items they will pick up, a better question is to ask them if there are any items they don’t accept. They should be able to list these off for you or refer you to a list on their website.
The salvage and clean out company should take all of the items you want removed from the property, the exception being used medical equipment.
3. Proper resources.
Do they have a no job too small approach? Can they handle an entire apartment complex or a large estate? A good junk company will send a field representative out to your location to give you a proper and fair estimate on how long the job will take as well as an estimate on the cost.
The junk removal service company should have the proper trucks, trailers and tools to complete your job.
4. Quality Work

A good junk removal company should have professional and courteous employees working on the job site. From the first phone call you make to the completion of the job, everyone involved should be professional, friendly and customer service oriented.

5. Fair pricing.
The company should be able to clearly explain their pricing to you as well as how they price their jobs.
Most companies will determine the price based on the amount/weight of the stuff you have. We suggest avoiding companies that bill on an hourly rate, that approach can end up costing more for the customer.

6. Compliant removal.

They should also have relationships with recycling companies and other approved drop off locations to recycle and properly dispose of your stuff . Most junk companies will make an effort to keep as much of your stuff out of the landfill as possible. The company should be able to let you know where they are taking your stuff and what the final destination will be

The company should have systemized approach for dealing with debris and junk. Some of it will end up in a landfill, but the better companies will have connections to recycling, salvage and repurposing companies in the area. The less that ends up in the landfill, the better

7. Clean-up.
A quality clean out company should leave the area better than they found it. Some crews will go the extra mile and sweep up after they are done if it is an interior job.

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