**JUNKHAUL Membership Drive

This gofundme drive is for the first truck for our startup junk haul cooperative, **JUNKHAUL. This will be the first junk hauling cooperative in Austin, Texas (that we have found). You can join now become a recycling member and receive free services.

donate to our gofundme drive: http://www.gofundme.com/3o45t4

Michael Cheslock and I, DonJon, will be the initial labor members. I’ve been junk hauling since I got to Austin four years ago. It is an industry that is flooded with independents and franchise operations. The city is in the process of requiring the independents to have a Independent Haulers License. It will require all haulers to pay an annual fee and file quarterly tonnage reports. This will run many independents out of business.

Our goal, after getting our initial funding, is build the **JUNKHAUL brand, both by doing local residential hauls with this truck, and recruiting other haulers to join the coop.

This truck will be for local residential pickups and can gross up to ,200 per day. The purchase price on the truck is ,800. It’s in good working condition (new engine) and the price is in line with the Blue Book value. It will hit the road on day one. Over time we will install sides to enable the largest haul possible and deck it out with other fun stuff. You can help turn it into traveling Art and name her.

Please join at the level you feel most comfortable.


DonJon and Michael