JUNKYARD LS ENGINES EVERYWHERE | Cheap TBSS Intake! Turbo S-10 Part Hunt + Fuel Injector Class

This time on SPPTV we are once again at our local junkyard which happens to be overflowing with LS Truck engines waiting to be boosted. But today we aren’t pulling and engine, Rob is looking for some more parts for his Turbo L33 5.3 S-10 project. The junkyard as always is a great source for hotrod parts on a budget!

When looking at an automotive junkyard most people simply see a bunch of smashed up cars, of no use to anyone but a scrap metal company. To us, it is a giant budget hot rod part store with ever changing stock. With some skill and creativity these parts can be made to live again on your hotrod for years!

After leaving the junkyard with a disc brake master cylinder and a last minute cheap NBS/TBSS intake, we head back to the RFG. GM Made a lot of different injector configurations through the years as they built LS powered trucks. Rob does his best to break it all down for you with first hand knowledge he’s gained from trial and error!

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