Liberals Furious After Finding Out What Trump’s Badass Bikers Secretly Did Behind Their Backs

Liberals Furious After Finding Out What Trump’s Badass Bikers Secretly Did Behind Their Backs
As President Donald Trump held his latest campaign-style rally in Phoenix, Arizona this past Tuesday evening, the Antifa terrorist and the so-called Resist Movement vowed to be out in force protesting and attacking the president’s law-abiding supporters. But there was at least one pro-Trump group that showed up in a big way to offer protection, Bikers for Trump.

What was really beautiful wasn’t what the bikers vowed to do. It was what they did before the actual “party” started, which was they prayed for peace. You will never see the Antifa or Resist fascists doing that.
Gawker Reports:

About 50 Donald Trump-supporting motorcyclist rolled out of the parking lot of the Rock-n-Roll City Harley-Davidson dealership this morning in Cleveland, headed to a rally where speakers such as the conspiracist radio host Alex Jones and right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos would extol the virtues of the candidate later in the afternoon. Whether in an effort to better understand the Trump phenomenon or the Biker phenomenon, I can’t really say, but, I spoke with several of them before they departed for the event.

Bikers huddled together in small groups, pumping each other up like football players in a locker room going into a big game. Bikers for Trump, a loose, quasi-formal organization, had pledged to provide volunteer security for their candidate against protesters. In my mind at least, the proposition evoked Altamont, where Hell’s Angels worked security for a free Rolling Stones concert in 1969, and one member beat and stabbed to death an attendee who was carrying a pistol.

But most Bikers for Trump I talked to were amiable. Some were local, others came from far and wide. Talking to them, it was easy to get swept up in the jubilant mood, and forget that the man they’d congregated to support ran on a campaign of racial hatred, promising to build a wall on the Mexican border and ban all Muslims from entering the U.S.

Brian and Carol-Ann Calderone of Effort, PA

The Calderones were riding a Suzuki scooter, which they’d put in a trailer and towed on the eight-hour drive from their hometown. Brian Calderone said that because of problems with his left leg, he was no longer able to shift an ordinary motorcycle, but that he wanted to make the trip nonetheless.

“At 58 years old, I can’t get a job anymore. It’s been like that since about two seconds after the real estate bubble burst. Now I call myself a junkologist. We clean out houses and property that are full of junk,” he told me when I asked why he supported Trump. “My biggest heartache is cleaning out a foreclosed house. It breaks my heart. If we can put America back to work, I think we can end these kinds of foreclosures.”

He took off his glasses. “If you could make these glasses in the U.S., I think you could still make a profit. Now, you just make a blueprint of the glasses and send it to China, and they make it there, no offense to China.”

“If you go to New York and elsewhere, you can look at Trump’s employees. They’re happy; they have benefits; they have the American dream,” he said.