Malevolent Cure-Don’t Want No More

Caution: Video contains intensely flashing images.
Note: I absent mindedly spelled Matt RagsDales name incorrectly in the video, he is not a rag sale.
So I decided to experiment by smooshing together my novice music skills with my novice editing skills. Mostly I want to say: yes, the music is supposed to sound grungy and as though a car wreck has just occured while monkey’s bum each other in an auto-motive assembly factory. 😀 Whether you think it’s great or absolute garbage feel feel to rate and voice your opinion.

The pictures, minus two pics (Bruce Campbell as the devil, lady skeleton is a pic from the 1960 film Psycho) are original and include stills from the short film Removal Notes courtesy of Matt Ragsdale (the trailer for which can be seen on his Youtube page -LoserKid5150-),an old friend, myself (in cuffs), and Erec Evol (the loon with the ‘sewn’ mouth) of Malevolent Cure.