New Green Bin deliveries and collection

Delivering new Green Bins to Scarborough households is happening now until fall 2016. Here’s a sneak peek at how these new bins will be serviced using automated collection.


Upbeat music plays in background throughout the video.
Sunny day in Scarborough.

Video opens with: Visual of the side of a collection truck. Poster on truck shows new Green Bin and slogan, “It’s coming.”

Cutaway: A visual of old Green Bin is shown. Bin is damaged and repaired with tape.

Cutaway: Collection truck is seen driving down a street.

Cutaway: Collector picks up old Green Bin manually and dumps contents into collection truck. Sets old Green Bin back on curb.

Cutaway: Staff pick up empty old Green Bin from curb and put in back of a truck.

Cutaway: Different truck delivers new Green Bin. Inside of truck shows many new Green Bins.

Cutaway: Staff are seen attaching instructions to each new Green Bin.

Cutaway: Each new Green Bin has a unique bar code. Staff is seen scanning bar code with hand-held device.

Cutaway: Once scanned, staff is seen walking down sidewalk to deliver new Green Bin to resident’s property.

Cutaway: Collection demonstration. New Green Bin collection is done by an automated truck. Trucks arms come out, grab the new Green Bin, lift it to top of truck, lids opens and contents are dumped.

Cutaway: Once dumped, automated arms set the new Green Bin back on ground.

Cutaway: Video story is done and screen appears informing viewers of the website URL for more information: Website:

Cutaway: Final frame shows the City of Toronto logo on the screen.