New Macbook Pro can’t walk & chew gum at same time(watch wifi + USB = fail) PART 1

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I hope you don’t try to use a USB-C device and wifi at the same time…

Ok for all the people in the comments saying I used the wrong adapter, check the reviews on for the official USB-C to HDMI adapter.

✖ old A1502 2015 model 99 2.7 GHz i5
● unigine score: 855
● 1080p ffmpeg prores to libx264 transcode preset medium crf 14: 8.6 FPS

✖ New A1708 2016 model: 99 2.0 GHz i5
● unigine score:1169
● 1080p ffmpeg prores to libx264 transcode preset medium crf 14: 8.5 FPS
● doesn’t throttle gos to 2.9 GHz at 88c while encoding
● has better speakers
● keyboard clicks much louder

Jason’s Dell XPS 9550 Cost 99 A YEAR AGO
● 1080p ffmpeg prores to libx264 transcode preset medium crf 14: 13 FPS

If you want to buy a Macbook that is the best bang for your buck, get a 2013-2014 model. Not eve the 2015. The performance difference is very little, you can snag one refurbished for under 0, and it gets you very close in performance. It has regular HDMI and USB ports and as you can see this machine is a royal pain in the ass to use with USB C/HDMI output out of the box. The user experience on the older one is easier, and it just works.

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● Flux:
● Solder paste:
● Soldering Iron:
● Preferred tip:
● Micro Soldering Pencil:
● Micro soldering tip:
● Hot Air station:
● Tweezers:
● Multimeter:
● Multimeter Probes:
● Fume Extractor:
● Microscope:
● Microscope LED light:
● Solder:
● Crest CP500HT Ultrasonic cleaner:
● Branson EC cleaning fluid:
● Jumper wire THIN:
● Jumper wire THICK:
● Nitrile gloves:
Bench PSU: Agilent 6542

● Work camera:
● Home camera:
● Work microphone:
● Home microphone:
● Microscope camera: – mine is DISCONTINUED, this is the closest one I can find.
● HDMI capture:

✖ Boardview software used: