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My name’s Ted Carr and I was born n’ raised in Vancouver BC, Canada.

At age 19 I dropped out of college cause I didn’t wanna learn what I wasn’t even interested in and I wanted to live my dream life!!

However, at the same time was desperate to cure my skin issues cause I knew I shouldn’t be having so much acne all over my face, back and chest. Nothing was working though… every cream, lotion and potion faield me. I eventually found fruitarianism AKA Low fat, raw veganism which not only cleared my skin but also gave me the life meaning and purpose I was looking for.

I read, no, I devoured a bunch of books of self improvement and raw veganism, took inspired action daily and within 2 weeks of eating 100% low fat raw vegan my skin totally cleared up. Haven’t had acne since and my life will never be the same again since reading those books and eating so much fruit.

Raw foods forever changed my life. Maybe my channel can help you change yours.

Comment: I READ YOUR STORY if you read this 🙂 Would mean a lot.


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