North Bay, Ontario – Main Street Drive-Thru in Winter

A drive-through POV video taken along Main Street in North Bay, Ontario on February 12, 2015. The first half of the video is the express version, sped up to 4x regular speed. Following that, the video repeats at regular speed for those looking for more detail.

North Bay is a city of around 55,000 people, located 350km north or Toronto in Ontario, Canada. The city is located on the northeast shores of Lake Nipissing and is about an hour east of Sudbury.

On the day the video was taken, temperatures had dropped to -25 celcius, or -13 Fahrenheit. That evening, the forecast was for temps around -31c or -22f.

North Bay was incorporated in 1891 when the railroad took over from the canoe routes. It’s main economic source for decades was serving as host to CFB North Bay. Now, education (Canador College and Nipissing University), government and tourism have taken over.