Part 2 BMW i8 TRUE STORY or “How to turn JUNK to GOLD”© Willis Johnson

THis video was taken yesterday July 31/2013 on BMW Toronto parking lot.
Not in USA nor in Canada BMW NEVER repaired or even changed tires on i8. Not one!. Service man honestly told me:” It is only few i8 on the road”. Now I am in situation when BMW Toronto telling that someone damaged the car (vandalism) or someone found my lost smartphone where was BMW i8 APP installed and drove my car and damaged it and put it back on my driveway. What do they smok? Insurance company (Intact) insist that Leipzig plant using bad materials (I am also sure of it). In case when for damages responsible manufacture , insurance will not pay me even pfenning. I want to ship my car to Leipzig and fix it on the BMW factory. I DO NOT TRUST BMW Canada. They are telling lies to all participants. Service manager admit that i8 in 4 weeks NEVER was charged (closest charger 150-200 meters away and electric charger door on the car perfectly dusted like the rest of my car). That means BMW is telling lies and trying to avoid any responsibility. How to trust you, BMW, if YOU REFUSED even to tow made by you 9 weeks ago car? How you can repair it? Wondering WHY BMW Toronto never informed me about factory recall on my i8. Also I was worry about PDI. It took BMW 5(!) weeks to perform PDI. I do remember the REAL FACTORY INSIDE the port of Bremerhaven. 4 storey HUGE building where ALL makers FIXING BRAND NEW SALVAGE cars. I have the feelings from day 1 that my i8 was on one of the floors of this “underground factory”
Nobody moved a muscle yet, but I already punished by records in history report. CAN YOU IMAGINE? Nobody did nothing, but record already there. This is just “too much to handle”
Incident Date Estimate Location Estimate Date Type of Record Detail Amount Odometer
07/05/2015 Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 07/14/2015 Estimate RIGHT REAR SIDE ,397. 00926 KM