Peterbilt 320 – Chagnon Sprinter Garbage Truck

At first glance, this truck could easily be mistaken for a McNeilus rear loader, but blink quick and look again, and one will quickly recognize this as the Canadian-built Chagnon Sprinter! While these beasts are quite common throughout Canada, it is something of a rare treat to find one down here in the states. This particular unit is paired up with a Peterbilt 320 cab and chassis, a very nice looking combination in my opinion. This beast is seen here handling an early morning downtown commercial route, working quickly to clear the streets and sidewalks before the shops open for the daily hustle and bustle of the big city. I hope you guys all enjoy this footage, after all, it is a rare treat for those of us here in the States!

I would like to extend a big thanks to the driver of this truck for allowing myself and some fellow refuse truck enthusiasts to grab some video of this awesome truck!

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