PKA 277 w/ Harley’s Torn Junk, Jew Camp Story Time, Game Of Thrones Talk – Coupon Code “PKA”
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0:01 Harley Introduction, Ad Reads
0:51 Harley’s office is pimp, Harley introduces his levitating table
3:25 Woody’s sex life & a 14″
3:30 PKN Season 1 on “Season1″ for 10% off
5:00 Harley doesn’t drink/smoke anymore
6:00 Kyle picks up a waitress and meets up with them
7:10 Where do you pick up girls
8:00 Harley goes in-depth of a drunk crusade after igloo-fest
9:15 Kwebbelkop pot brownie story
10:22 Kyle likes watching drunk Murka berating Lefty on PKA
13:00 Drinking episode idea with mild drinks no beer
13:30 Harley’s beer gut realization
14:35 Kyle’s Prom Vodka Wall story
16:35 Harley’s Shoenice story
18:20 Shoenice starts hating on Harley via twitter for no reason
20:50 Harley always takes the high road with arguments/haters
23:00 Flyers/ Hockey Talk
25:30 Vintage technology talk, staticy TV and massive car phones
28:00 Kyle believes the phone is the greatest invention of all time
29:30 Internet talk, internet is the greatest thing ever created
34:45 million YouTube court case, videogames Marko
35:30 KSI, Kwebbelkop, Ali-A all claim to be scammed by Marko P
37:18 Murka’s Kwebbelkop impersonation
39:50 Chiz got fucked by Marko P. too
42:00 McDonald’s coffee burns old woman court case
46:00 Harley’s Wendy’s Job
47:00 Chik-Fil-A Fast food drama
49:45 Howard Stern McDonald’s prank call
51:40 Politics Talk
53:30 Rednecks don’t understand Jews
57:00 Jewish people are cheap
58:35 Harley explains his view of Jewish/ American culture
1:01:00 Jew Camps are Jewish fuck camps
1:04:00 Uncut vs Cut cocks
1:06:00 Harley is an aggressive masturbator
1:08:30 Harley only masturbates to porn with guys who look like him
1:09:10 Woody only faps to milf porn because he likes the realism
1:13:15 Belly Button Fucking Porn STREAK CONTINUES!!!
1:15:00 Harley fucks female hair
1:15:20 Woody’s teenage days taught him shampooing a girl’s hair = sex
1:17:40 Hydraulic Press Channel idea
1:19:00 Harley’s million dollar idea
1:20:00 ToyMonster channel gets millions of views a day
1:22:40 Blue’s clues actor gets laid with a Playboy model
1:24:35 The Machine Story on YouTube Best story ever
1:29:00 Ad Read: ( for 20% off
1:34:00 Harley’s buddy poop story
1:36:00 Harley’s other Shit underwear story in Thailand
1:37:35 Robin Quivers running shit story
1:38:00 Kyle finds Robin hot and would fuck her
1:42:00 Paul Timberman topic, the hosts watch his funny skit
1:45:00 Woody expresses his distaste for comedy skits
1:45:30 SNL talk
1:47:00 Andy Milonakis stories and Harley’s experience with him
1:51:05 Ad Read: (
1:54:00 New bullet that is extremely accurate and looks cool
1:57:00 Kyle shows off a Kriss Vector
1:58:00 Why short barreled guns are illegal in Canada
2:00:05 Kyle gave a girl a shot through his LAW rocket launcher
2:14:26 Without using a number how old are you?
2:15:15 Kyle’s Answer
2:18:14 Harley’s Answer
2:21:57 Woody’s Answer
2:26:00 Your earliest memory
2:29:22 Jockey commercial
2:31:07 Ad Read: (
2:32:37 Colin update
2:37:35 Crazy Russian Hacker videos
2:40:05 Axe resistant Boot
2:42:26 Kickstarter for American Hydraulic Press Channel
2:46:43 Politics talk: Kyle and Chiz bet
2:48:33 Trump said women should be punished for Abortion
3:00:56 DEA Ruling on legalising Cannabis
3:02:40 How do people vote for Trump?
3:04:22 Bernie Sanders
3:11:02 Game of Thrones Season 6 starts soon
3:27:19 Kyle calls it an episode