Radius Arm Bushing and Bracket Replacement – 92 to 96 F150 and Bronco @GettinJunkDone

These trucks tended to have quirky suspension problems eventually that may be hard to diagnosis. Like anything else, the radius arm bushings and brackets wear out and eventually need replacing. In this how too, I walk you through the process of removing and installing the brackets and bushings. Bring your muscles, you’ll need em.

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Originally, Gettin Junk Done was started with the intention of making a few simple How-To videos mostly dealing with my truck and motorcycle. Once I saw that a few of my uploads were doing well, I decided to continue with additional videos as projects came up. To me, I was just maintaining my own vehicles and making the occasional video along the way. I firmly believe that anyone can pick up a wrench and fix a piece of junk, thus the phrase “Get Some Junk Done” took on a life of its own for me over time.

It turns out that working on my truck and motorcycle is just a hobby for me and I am actually a high school chemistry teacher. As the channel grew I began incorporating Chemistry Lessons and Gettin Junk Done took on a new meaning. Currently “Gettin Junk Down” refers to any project I find myself wrapped up in, including my everyday work as a chemistry teacher. My teaching style is a casual, everyday approach to the material that lends to the struggling student, as is hopefully obvious in my video.

Hopefully Gettin Junk Done will continue to grow and gain more subscribers and viewers. In the meantime, I encourage you to Get Some Junk Done.