Scam by an IRIS retail store in Tianjin city, china-on a broken welder

This video is on a Scam done by a retail store in Tianjin city-china, according to their Brochure Ads and Communication , that their welder is as good as a laser welder, the welder was made by them, an manufacturing co., called IRIS manufacturing trade co, in Tianjin city, if parts broken, can be replaced; welder (on dental, and jewelry) is warranty for 1 yr after shipping…But after paying (780 usd), they shipped the product to me in Toronto, Canada. To my surprise, the item had problems on day 1, with defective regulator, I asked for a replacement as said in brochure, but they denied for reason having no extra regulator at that time. I had to buy a similar new regu. in Toronto, and practiced the welding, but another serious incident occurred, the welder in fact can turned on, but after welding 2 workpieces together, the weld can not hold permanently, and using 2 pliers to remove it, it detached easily. Testing was done already, almost 20-30 times, but the welder failed all the time. The reason (weld failure) for that is the welder does not have enough power to melt the titanium(1700 C melting deg , )so the weld does not stick to 2 workpieces permanently, also the welder was not made by their company, when shipping, they ordered another retail store in Hongkong shipped it to me (this store selling children, and women clothing, not a welder factory or manufacturing co, ). I think this welder came from a flea market. Now I asked for a full refund, they want to ignore it, although their act is a SCAM, cheating, stealing.. deadline of warranty is 25 Apr 17 ,1 yr after shipping. This video is showing them all weldings fails, b/c the weld does not hold against a removal by pliers. Please customers boycott this store Iris, which is on, Chinese stores are well known for faked products, faked foods, junk this store wants steal customers money, rob them…I will get help from Interpol police against their dishonest and villainous acts. This ISRIS international trade co is listed on