Skylander Boy & Girl get Upgraded + Sphero Light Writing & Kaos @ Our House… FOREVER!

This should of been our last video but we didn’t want to keep you all waiting… 🙂 But, it’s here… Skylander Boy and Girl upgrade video… Now, with Lightcore Chase.
We have been wanting to do this for a while now but have been so busy, so what do you think? We tought the robotic sounding intro was getting a little old. 🙂

For those that might be asking, Lexi didn’t want to retake her photo because she “liked her pose”. Do you know which characters they are supposed to be? Any true portal master should!

Also, as promised in our Real Life Swap Zone video, the Sphero Ball Light Writes on our carpet, luckily that doesn’t stain. We spelled out Swap Force! See how we did!

Also, some more random goodness, we power washed Kaos on our driveway. 🙂 He’s with us… FOREVER! Great! Just great! Have you ever seen Power Wash Art? If not, than, yay… We are the first.

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Halloween Fright Rider:

Fiery Forge Contest + Wager Bttle Mode:
Family Wager Battle:

Wave 3 SHOPPING LIST update:

WiiU Exclusive Wash Buckler Arcade Surprise:

Wash Buckler Himself Goes Hunting:

Real Life Spin Zone, Skylanders Bowling and a VooDood Skit…

Well, then, watch that video. 🙂

Swap Force Mega Blocks build!
Outlands Kaotic Castle:
Sharpfins Jet Boat:
We even based a whole Skylanders Shorts around the Sharpfin set:

Power A Flynns Ship & Skylands Fun Play Hide Away? Here it is:

But the most fun out of all those videos, is this one, Mikes Legendary Birthday Party/Hunting!

Magna Charge music video (300th vid):

Hunting: Legendary Zoo Lou & Quick Draw Rattle Shake:

Hunting – Wave 2:

Hunting – Wave 1:

Hunting – Before the Release Date: Kids First Swap:

Let’s Play Swap Force BOSS BATTLES:
Nightmare Mode – Tower of Time (Cluck Boss Battle):
Part 19: Cloudbreak Core (Super Evil Kaos Boss Battle):
Part 18: Motherly Mayhem:
Part 15: Mesmeraldas Show:
Part 11: Serpents Peak – Fire Viper Battle
Part 9: Motleyville: (Baron Von Shellshock Boss Battle)
Part 7: Jungle Rumble – Evil Glumshanks Boss Battle:

All Wave 1 and 2 Top Upgrade Paths:

All Swap Force Wave 1 Wow Pows for Returning S2 and S2:

See how Skylander Boy lost his voice during Swap Force release week:

Check out the Roller Brawl costume we made for Lexi:

Check out our Money Cheat for Swap Force, get Tons of Money FASSSTTTT:

Dark Starter Pack & Enchanted Hoot Loop Surprise:

For all Unboxings of Swap Force:


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